2007 Hazard Mitigation Plan

2007 Hazard Mitigation Plan


Title Page
Executive Order
Executive Summary
Table of Contents
Chapter 1 Introduction to the Hazard Mitigation Plan
Appendix A: List of Changes from 2004 Plan to 2007 Update
Chapter 2

Planning Process

Appendix A: Hawaii State Hazard Mitigation Forum Bylaws

Appendix B: Participation in Hazard Mitigation Planning
Appendix C: Statewide Partners in Hazard Mitigation Planning
Appendix D: Manoa Flood Mitigation Meetings
Appendix E: ATC Building Training
Appendix F: Tsunami Awareness Month Calendar
Chapter 3

Hazard Risk in the State of Hawaii

Appendix A: Manoa Hydrology Study
Appendix B: Kiholo Earthquake in Hawaii County
Appendix C: Summary Hazard Maps
Appendix D: Dam Inspection List
Chapter 4

Characterization of State Assets, Resources, and Socioeconomic Factors

Appendix A: List of Hawaii Public Schools
Appendix B: Hazard Shelters for the State and Shelter Needs
Chapter 5

Risk and Vulnerability Assessment

Appendix A: HAZUS Earthquake Scenario for Hawaii County
Appendix B: HAZUS Earthquake Scenario for Molokai
Appendix C: State GIS Listing
Chapter 6

Current Mitigation Actions & Capability in the State of Hawaii

Appendix A: Hazard Mitigation Activity & Capability Assessment
Appendix B: State Mitigation Capability Assessment
Appendix C: Tsunami Technical Review Committee Strategy
Appendix D: Pacific Disaster Center Contributions
Appendix E: State of Hawaii Coastal Zone Management Act
Appendix F: Loss Mitigation Grant Program
Appendix G: Shelter Criteria, December 2005
Appendix H: City & County of Honolulu Bill 26 (2007)
Appendix I: Hawaii State Earthquake Advisory Committee 5-yr Plan
Appendix J: Hawaii State Earthquake Advisory Committee Strategic Plan
Appendix K: Institute for Business & Home Safety "Benefits of Statewide Building Codes"
Appendix L: Immunity from Liability for Assisting in Civil Defense and Private Sheltering
Appendix M: Structural Engineers of the State of Hawaii Earthquake Safety Evaluation Recommendations
Appendix N: Wind Resistive Devices: Public Information for the Loss Mitigation Program
Appendix O: Summary Report on HMGP Projects Performance
Appendix P: Maui Drought Committee
Appendix Q: Dam Inspections and Assessments, Act 118
Appendix R: FEMA 1575 Environmental Considerations
Appendix S: Natural Hazard Resilience in Waipio Valley
Appendix T: Map Modernization Management Support Business Plan Update
Chapter 7 Mitigation Strategy for the State of Hawaii
Appendix A: Sample Rating Form
Appendix B: Sample Project Nomination Form
Appendix C: PRICIP Project Flyer
Appendix D: HSEAC Project Prioritization 2007
Chapter 8 Plan Maintenance Procedures
Appendix A: Federal Funding Opportunities